Trip to Europe 🙂












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Schrodingers equation

I do believe the lightdiffusions and lines are examples of schrodingers equation in practice

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Morning has broken

Like the first morning

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Catholics handing out condoms

Catholic Conservatives are huffing and puffing because a Catholic health agency is distributing condoms to prisoners because no one else will.

I’m no Biblical scholar, but one of Jesus’  fundamental teachings was to love thy neighbour. And to illustrate this he told the story of the good Samaritan, who at his own expense and safety, helped a complete stranger.


I love the this comment in response to outrage left on the website linked above:


The Pope issued a decree last year and approved the use of condoms as a far lesser evil than the spread of STDs. Read your recent history. Get yourselves up to date with the latest decrees on this issue.



I really don’t think anyone will be excommunicated because they acted to prevent people dying unnecessarily.

Personally, I suspect Pope Benedict is not as conservative as Conservatives say, Instead he’s just really, really smart, and knows the world is not perfect.



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The Brotherhood of Limpers

I was walking up to Crows Nest with my usual limp, when I noticed this guy on crutches racing down. I got out of hisway, but as he passed, we made eye contact, and he said how are you going brother? Reminded me of an old guy I met while waiting for a routine check up. He asked me what I was on far ? I started to. tell him, but he got bored straight away, and brushed me away with but you can walk. That’s when I noticed he was sitting in a wheel chair.

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Hannah turns 4

We had a wonderful party to celebrate Hanah’s birthday

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Pope Benedict confirms there is only one God.

Speaking about the September 9 terrorist attack. Pope Benedict on Saturday condemned violence in God’s name, but said that 10 years after the September 11 attacks, the world still had much to do to address the grievances that can give rise to acts of terrorism.

The key point are the acts of terror, not That anyone calls God Allah.In effect he also confirms that Catholics and Muslims  worship the same one God. Let’s focus on similarities than differences. Pope Benedict is one smart guy, this isn’t just a slip of the tongue.T

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Fathers day 2011

What better for a father to have on Father’s day than two beautiful daughters

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Grace at school Father’s Day breakfast

Grace showing
Me her work an my new tie

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Coincidences are such strange things

just saw this on the Sacred Space website:


Thankfulness is a wonderful gift. It arises in people’s hearts when they can look back and see how their lives have been enriched, by parents, or children, a spouse or faithful friend, or other good people. Thankfulness may be delayed, indeed, and can only come after much darkness and struggle, when sunbeams and rays of light have shone through – when, despite what has been painful and difficult, I can now see those sunbeams,


It reminded me of my recent post reflections. Coincidences are such strange things.

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