Pyrmont3 Rocio, Grace, Baby Hannah and I went to the Fish Markets for lunch today (it was very nice, by the way). On the way home while driving through Pyrmont Hannah needed a feed, so we pulled over. Rocio spotted a nearby cafe, so we went there.

Rocio ordered an organic lemonade (whatever the hell that is), Grace had a babychino (pictured, left), and I had a banana smoothie.

I think most of us have found ourselves in unexpected and random places and situations at various times in our lives.

Mostly, the connection to a place or event is fleeting, and it soon fades along with the multitude of other mundane moments that we soon forget, other times, these connections lead to profound and unforeseen changes.

I’m pretty sure turning up at this random cafe in Pyrmont is one of those insignificant events of life that would otherwise soon be forgotten. That’s why I decided to preserve it with a few happy snaps.

There’s no “other” point to this post, except as an excuse to post a picture of one of my daughters.




















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