One morning in Lima

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

IMG_2798bMy partner in this exercise, Hannah Pospisil eating a banana we had just bought during our morning walk in Lima 

When the Pospisils were in Lima in November and December I would often take Hannah for a walk early in the morning. Going for a walk in Lima is an entirely different experience to talking a walk in say Sydney.

In the areas where we walked, around San Miguel, I never felt threatened by a person in any way. However, I can’t say the say the same about the traffic – which really is the biggest danger.

That aside, one idea that intrigues me is the idea of “the ordinary”, or more precisely, the idea of actually looking at ordinary things rather than letting them slip into the background.

With this in mind I set out one morning with Hannah to take pictures of things that we saw on our way – both the ordinary and the odd. The only thing that ties these images together is that Hannah and I saw all of them on the morning of November 29, 2008.





IMG_2776b IMG_2777b IMG_2779b


 IMG_2784b IMG_2785b IMG_2786b IMG_2787b


 IMG_2795b IMG_2796b  IMG_2799b IMG_2800b