Treasured moments

What more could one want?

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With a surname like Pospisil, as a kid, as you can imagine, I got every variation possible, including John Impossible. As I was making breakfast for the family this morning, this came to mind, and now as an almost 40 year old, that wasn’t such a bad nickname after all. After all, the best things that one can do are the ones that others consider impossible. I intend to live up to my name.

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A wonderful surprise

A wonderful surprise waiting for Grace when she gets home from school.

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The power of transformation

Half an hour ago this was the packaging from our new vacuum cleaner, and now it’s something truly new and truly wonderful.

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A lost key

I finally managed to open the drawer in my old desk and found a key I’d lost 20 years earlier, what was it for, I struggled to remember.

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Grace, the lateral thinker

A few weeks back Grace had a mini market at her school. For Grace and her fellow Kindergarten friends, this was the first time they’d ever used money. Rocio and I were  a little concerned about how things would go, so Rocio popped in to see how Grace was coping with this new experience.

Rocio found many of the Kindergarten kids walking around a little confused, not knowing exactly what was meant to happen

Grace on the other hand had already had her face painted, and was waiting in line to have her hair sprayed with colour. She’d somehow recruited a Year six girl to help her buy things, and this Year Six girl, was now carrying bags with Grace’s things.

I’ve never been much of a lateral thinker, but I’m very pleased that Grace is.

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A nice way to unwind

Just sitting, breathing, enjoying calm is a nice way to unwind after a busy, but successful week at work. island. I acknowledge and thank the traditional owners of Berry Island, the Cammeraygal people

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A setting for a dream

As I walked hastily to get home, It occurred to me that these corridors could be setting for a dream.

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A secret garden re discovered

I stumbled upon this secret garden, I wonder how long since it was last tended

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Do sharks eat mermaids?

My daughter Grace asked her Kindergarten teacher whether sharks eat mermaids? I thought it was a reasonable question, given that sharks and mermaids often share the same habitat. Her teacher answered no, although Hannah, my younger daughter disagreed. She was sure that sharks do eat mermaids.. To settle the dispute, I did some research at the Institute of Mermaidian research.The answer is definitely no, sharks do not eat Mermaids, and the simple reason is that Mermaids, are much, much smarter than sharks, and will always out smart a shark. A mermaid has never been eaten by a shark for this reason.

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