Coincidences are such strange things

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

just saw this on the Sacred Space website:


Thankfulness is a wonderful gift. It arises in people’s hearts when they can look back and see how their lives have been enriched, by parents, or children, a spouse or faithful friend, or other good people. Thankfulness may be delayed, indeed, and can only come after much darkness and struggle, when sunbeams and rays of light have shone through – when, despite what has been painful and difficult, I can now see those sunbeams,


It reminded me of my recent post reflections. Coincidences are such strange things.

Church of St George Ethiopia

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Church of St George Ethiopia

Rocio and I went to a really enjoyable party last night – basically everyone who attends the 9 am family mass at St Mary’s North Sydney was invited to a brave fellow parishioner’s house for a get together. Given that several hundred people attend that mass, I had visions Facebook-esque scenes of hundreds of unruly Catholics stampeding this kind lady’s house. As it turned out an optimum number of people turned up – not too many to make it too crowded, but more than enough (including Father Tony) for there to be a party buzz. As I was talking to one lady, she mentioned that she’d visited a Church in Ethiopia that was in the shape of a cross, cut out of stone. Instantly, I knew what she was talking about, and didn’t know how, until I realised that the night before, on page 274 of Man and his symbols (edited by CJ Jung) I’d seen exactly that Church. Just an interesting coincidence, that’s all.

Meaningless Coincidence #1

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Rocio and I were watching a movie last night “Along Came Polly”, where the boss of the main character ran around saying “Good Things”. This morning, a client sent through a new ad, and in the first line of the ad copy was “Good things”