Grace starts school today!

What a special day for my five year old Grace

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Starting my morning runs

After a break,I’ve started my morning runs again

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Christmas Eve mass

Two angels appeared on Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas 2010



















Merry Christmas 2010 from the 4Ps!

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Wedding anniversary

Rocio and I escaped to the Hunter Valley to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a great time though Rocio found the night time bush noises a little creepy

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Computer melt down

Yikes Probably on the most inconvenient day ever my computer had a melt down – double doh God’s little in joke

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A very happy birthday


My girls prepared a very special birthday surprise for me this morning – cupcakes with Strawberries and Blueberries. In the evening we we had dinner at a local Czech restaurant (which happens to be Grace’s favourite). Funnily, enough, I’m really happy to have turned 39!

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Christmas carols at St Mary’s

Carols at St Mary’s

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My girls

My girls showing off their dance moves

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Noodle market time again

Balmy Friday afternoon, at Civic Park, North Sydney listening to a teenage rock and roll band, my girls indulging in Brakwurst rolls, hey the bands pretty good – a nice way to end the week. Life has a way of reminding you how wonderful it is.

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