According to a report in Ad Age, MySpace is considering the launch a print magazine, which would profile standout MySpace members and their interests.

MediaWorks imagines what a MySpace magazine would look like. 

Image is a mockup from Ad Age

At the moment the company is still evaluating business models.  It is said to be speaking to the publisher of the extremely cool Nylon magazine about a licensing deal.

Well, I can certainly understand why MySpace is looking at doing a print magazine – they do after all want to make as much money as possible.

For the magazine to succeed it would need to offer compelling content that would augment the MySpace member experienced.

The only problem is that I can’t really imagine what compelling content a MySpace magazine might contain. I mean the whole point of MySpace is that you can view other member’s profiles; I’m not sure how reading about MySpace profiles in a magazines is going to add value to anyone’s experience of MySpace.

eBay famously partnered with Krause publications in 1999 to launch an eBay magazine that was closed down after a year. Despite sales of 400,000 copies the magazine was unable to find the necessary advertising support (Apparently eBay is thinking about trying again).

If MySpace was able to develop a magazine that was popular with members, I don’t think it would have too many problems finding advertising support. MySpace is hot at the moment, and MySpace knows all about the selling of advertising.

Here in Australia one major publisher launched a magazine to complement the TV series Big Brother. It died after a few issues. No one was really interested in reading something in a magazine that they already knew from the TV show or the web site. I suspect that a MySpace magazine might face the same kind of challenges.

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