Hypocrisy was an issue that came up time and again during Jesus’ teaching.He really didn’t like it. Here’s a nice protestant overview of hypocrisy and what Jesus thought of it.

The only direct reference that Jesus made to homosexuality was in Matthew 19, where the disciples were wondering whether it would be better not to marry if you couldn’t divorce your wife. He explained reasonably and quite scientifically that  some men cannot marry a woman because they were born that way,others because men made them that way, and others do not marry for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven (for example Catholic priests).

In some versions of the bible, the term eunuch is used, which is weird, because by definition,an eunuch is not born that way.(wakey wakey translators)

I’m no bible scholar or theologian, but it does appear that Jesus is saying if you’re a gay man, you’re not obliged to marry a woman, and therefore keep his teaching on divorce, which is very reasonable. Please note he didn’t take this opportunity to take a swipe at gay people.

When Jesus taught about loving your enemy he said If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? It would appear that Jesus viewed people who work for the tax office as far worse examples of poor  lifestyle  than gay people (little joke there, but my point is serious.) Also, I don’t recall any people being cured  for homosexuality, and let’s face since Jesus raised the dead, if homosexuality was something that needed to be cured, he do that at a glance, looking in the wrong direction.Since God gave us logic, it’s fair now to use some cold hard logic to look at Christians who persecute gay people.

As a hetero sexual I’ve never had to make a choice about being a heterosexual. No choice needed, that’s just how I am. I like it, I love my wife daughters, all good) I assume other heterosexuals have never needed to make that choice( it was never something that came up in personal development at high school– oooh – now is the time to make the choice between being straight or gay). The only scenario I can envisage  where one might have to make a choice about sexual orientation would be if one was  bisexual.Since many Christian bigots argue that gay people have made a choice to be gay, that can only mean that they themselves are bisexual and made the choice to be straight. However it also means if they’re heterosexual , and didn’t have to make a choice to be straight, and they then persecute gay people on the basis that those gay people made a choice, it makes those hetero sexual Christians, hypocrites. Now what would Jesus think about that?

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